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   Kasi Yathra is known as Ashta Bhairava Yathrais by Bhairava Worshippers. To remove Kaala Dosha only ( in other words Kaala Bhairava Dhosham) we are doing all rituals at Kaasi -Pithru Karmas, Prayachitha Poojahs etc.,
   In Kaasi, at  Vritha Kaleshwar Temple Asithaanga Bhairavar is there. Ruru Bhairavar is at Hanuman Ghat, Chanda Bhairavar is at Durga Mandir, Krothana Bhairavar at Kamaakshaa, at Devaraa Village Unmaththa Bhairavar, Lite Bhairavr temple for Kabaala Bhairavar, Bheeshana Bhairavar at Kasipura, Sarva Chathru samhaara Bhairavar at Thrilochana kanj. One who visits Kasi shall visit all the above Ashta Bhairavars Temples and then only the Yathra will be completed. Otherwise Bhairavars present there and still as Security for the City will make the Devotees to repeat visits to Kaasi till they visit Ashta Bhairavars.
There are totally 64 Ghaats in Varanasi and All the 64 Bhairavars said to be Present in these Ghats Blessing the Devotees having Dip in the Ghats.


Near Kuthaalam in Kumbakonam - Mayiladuthurai Route.
When Bhairavar Picked Brahmas Fifth Head as Instructed by Shivaperuman ,He got Brahmahathi Thosham and to remove the Dosham Bhairavar visited various Temples for 12 years and got Braamhahathi Dosham removed in this Place.At Thiruvalanchushi Vinayakar appeared before Bhairavar and instructed bhairavar to Throw his Thrisoolam and settle in the Place where The Soolm fell. The Soolam fell at Kshethrabalakapuram Bhairavar settled in this Village known as Kshethrabalakapuram Here Bhairavar is with New Thrisoolam given by Shiva as a symbol of removing Doshams. Soola Theertham is also here.
KaalaBhairavar here is known as Kshethrabakakar. He was Worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu, Navagrahas,Inthiran,Shakthis,This Sthalam is Equivalent to Kaasi & there is a custom of  telling Tharaka Manthram in Right Ear of the Persons Died here. 

NAGAPPATTINAM --In the Big Temple Kayarohanaswamy Kovil  here, Bhairavar is appearing on Southern Side - in Lion Vahanam. This is the Direction of Yaman. he is as Chathru Samhaara Bhairavar. Here Pundareeka Theertham Tank is there opposite Western Gopuram of the Temple. King Dasarathar , Pundareeka maharishi , all had worshipped here. This Theertham is made from Shiva's Ganga in His Siras & also all Punyatheerthams. Dipping here for continuously for 30 days is equivalent to have Bath in Kasi for 60000 years . Pundareeka Theertham is also known as Sarva Theertham.One can read Naagai Kaayarohana Puraanam to have full info about this Temple.
Besides Kasi - only at Pundareeka Theertham at Nagapattinam,  Bhairavar had Meditation for a Long period. 

SIRKAZHI Near Mayiladuthurai in Chidanbaram Route. Sattanathar Temple.
Here Shiva Peruman Blessing in the Form of Aroovm, Uruvam, Aruvauruvam as Brahmapureeswarar in The form of Lingam- Sri Uma Maheswari sametha Sri Thoniyappar and Sattanathar as Aakaasha Bhairavar.
Very special Bhairavar temple,
Saying that Bhairavar Beat Vishnu in his Chest to remove Vishnus Superiority Complex,and Vishnu fell down. Lakshmi Devi Prayed to Bhairavar Mangalaya Bhakyam and Bhairavar Blessed with all Lakshmi sought. Hence if one Prays Bhairavar here, he will be blessed by Lakshmi also. Pleased by release Vishnu gave his Skin(Sattai) and Bones as Thandam to Bhairavar. Hence Bhairavar here is known as Sattanathar.
Sattanathar here is in Blue Colour in Balak Age,Wearing long Shirt,etc in a Pleasing Look Blessing all as King of Brahmapuri.
When Vishnu Killed Hiranyan as Nrusimhan, Narasimhan drank Blood of Hiranyan and He gor Rajosa gunam,and Vishnu became Athiruthri and Brahman,Mahalakshmi& Shiva could not pacify him. Since It will end only in destruction of Whole Universe, Lord Shiva Created Sarabheswarar to control Narasimham. Veerabathrar - with Suryan,ChandranAgni as Three Eyes;Nails as Vajrayuthams, Prathyankara, Kaali,Soolini,Durga all as Two Feathers Bhairavmurthy,vadavaamukaagni as jadaraakni in Stomach, Roha Devathaas & Yaman as Two Laps - in the Roopam of Bakshiraaja as Sarabheswarar. Sarabheswarar flying its Feathers and throwing cool airs to Narasimhar and Cooled Narasimhar send another Bakshi Kandaperandam to fight with Sarabheswar. These Two Birds fight for more than 18 days. finally Sarabheswar sent Prathyankara to Block Ukraroopa Eyes of narasimha ans Narasimha got Normalcy.
Sarabheswar is only known as Aakash Bhairavar.


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